Thursday 18th August 2016
Hybrid Car News

A Dundee firm has teamed up with one of Europe’s leading technology companies to create a ground-breaking battery they claim will revolutionise the hybrid car market.

Hybrid cars combine conventional petrol engines with battery power to increase fuel efficiency.

The Toyota Prius is the world’s best-selling hybrid with nearly two million cars sold.

Now, lithium ion battery maker Axeon, at Wester Gourdie in Dundee, is to help develop a battery system for a major European car manufacturer. Axeon will work with technical engineering firm Ricardo to supply and integrate a lightweight battery for a pioneering plug-in hybrid vehicle.

The car will feature a unique, bespoke battery system.

Axeon chief executive Lawrence Berns said, “It is difficult to think of a more demanding application or client for our skills, so we were delighted to have been selected to play such a key role in this development programme.

“This car will transform thinking about hybrid cars in every area, especially performance.”

He added, “Our technology will play a key role, underlining our prowess in this competitive field and showing that hybrids can also offer significant advances to performance as well as environmental benefit.”

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