Thursday 18th August 2016
Hybrid Car News

For a long time Maruti Suzuki India has been researching to develop a hybrid car. It seems their research has finally paid off. MSI has announced to provide around 10 hybrid cars for CWG Delhi 2010.

At the launch of their 5 new CNG models, Managing Executive Officer, Mr. I V Rao said, “We are supplying about 10 vehicles for the Commonwealth Games – a mix of full-time hybrid SX4s and electric Eecos. We’ve been working on alternative technologies since 2008 – the electric motor is from Bosch. Though these technologies are still not ready for commercial production, a few hybrid SX4s and electric Eeco variants would be supplied for use during the Commonwealth Games later this year.”

Mr. Rao also spoke about the launch of RIII, which was showcased earlier this year at the Delhi Auto Expo 2010. RIII, an MPV, will be launched by the end of this year and it will be powered by either 1.2L or 1.6L K Series engine or a Diesel engine provided by Fiat.

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