Thursday 18th August 2016
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XC60 – Volvo’s Plug-in hybrid Electric Car
Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles and supplier of marine and industrial driven systems, aerospace components and financial services. The company unveils the XC60, a plug in hybrid car in North American International Auto Show. It is an electric car and it is inexpensive and powerful.

Volvo XC60 Feature
XC60 is combined with the power of 280p gasoline engine and 70hp electric motor. It includes a four cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine. The engine generates 380Nm of torque that provides power to XC60’s front wheels through eight speed automatic transmission. This engine is fuel efficient and are developed using advanced technologies.

A 12Kwh lithium ion battery provides power to the electric motor. The car can be recharged through 11V/12A outlet will take 7.5 hours and using 22V/12A will take 3.5 hours. The car also features an Integrated Starter motor and Generator that delivers more 34 kW during acceleration and also charges the battery during braking. XC60 also includes a save feature that save the battery power for later use and provides power for up to 20 km on electricity.

The car can be switched between pure, hybrid and power mode. In pure mode, the car gets power only by electric motor. Hybrid mode is the standard mode. The car gives you maximum performance through both petrol engine and electric motor and can operate upto 600 miles. In power mode, the petrol engine with 280 hp and 380 Nm is combined with electric motor with 70 hp and 200 Nm.

Thus, XC60 is a gasoline hybrid plug in car with four cylinder engine. It is an economical and high performance car that can be switched between pure, hybrid and power modes. The engine is also fuel efficient and battery enables the driver and other people a safe and uninterrupted journey.

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